Maybelline Express Finish 50 Second Go Go Green!

This is a borrowed polish from my sister. I thought about using it for a Duck manicure but it just wasn't right.
It's rare I go for a color from the traditional drugstore brands, I'm a bigger fan of Wet n' Wild, Sinful and Sally Hansen from my beloved Walgreens. They just have better colors and better formulas in my opinion. (I once bought Revlon Red and it was just a big disappointment so I returned it and got a Sinful instead!)

Two coats, no top, full sun

This applies nicely and dries in a snap. Three coats will bring bottle color and dispel any visible nail line.
The wear is okay despite using Orly Bonder and Seche. I've had better wear from the Insta-Dris from Sally Hansen. This wasn't much  of a surprise though, quick dry polishes do tend chip fairly rapidly.

Two coats, indoor light

This is a favorite for my sister to use on her fingers because of the dry time. She has no patience for doing her tips! (I'm working on it though.)

Overall, I enjoyed this color and I'd like to use it for a Halloween mani. I think this is a good choice for someone looking to step away from pinks and reds but not ready to foray into Sinful's offerings.

Mmm...this makes me crave honeydew melon!

Thanks for looking! Have a pleasant day.


  1. I love this green! I used to buy a lot of "drugstore" brands when my money spending capacity was somewhat limited.Now that I'm older (and less broke) I usually buy the salon brands-with the occasional drugstore buy if I like the colour.This is really pretty on you :)

  2. I'm pretty much the same on the brands I like from drugstores, although I do like the few Milanis I have managed to acquire. I have maybe two or three bottles of Maybelline, Revlon, and L'Oreal, and that's because the colors really appealed to me.
    That's actually a neat color, but I'm sure I've got something like it already in my stash. So I probably would look at it,then skip it!

  3. That is a really pretty green; I love limes!


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