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I have become such a bad influence at work! My co-worker has started painting her nails every day like me. I brought her and my other co-worker a swatch sheet of all my polishes so they could see my stash and possibly borrow some of my lovelies. (We'll see. I may just make them come over for a night of nails!)

Anyway. This is what I'm sporting today.

Two coats slightly blurred to show glitter

Looks more blue but it is in fact purple

This applied so beautifully! Three coats is opaque and the glitter is holo-y, duo chrome-y. It flashes between pink and blue. Simply stunning. Can't comment on wear since I just finished my nails but then again, my results are NEVER typical. Today will bring me furniture to price and move, shoes to clean and price as well as loading a truck. Oy. Good thing it's my Thursday!

Loving this brand!

That's it for now. I hope the day finds you well!


  1. Love that color.. I actually do not have a purple yet, I have lots of blues though. I really need to get a purple, a teal, and a light pink. :)

    Also, could you e-mail me at lovestoread0708 at yahoo dot com I would love to do swatches of all of my polishes that I have to keep track so I could see the actual colors before I painted on my nails. Could you e-mail me and explain what you use and how you keep track of them? I would really appreciate it since i am new to this. :)

  2. I love the LA Girls polishes. I need more, many many more!

  3. Oooh! I need that purple! It looks gorgeous on you :)

  4. Ooh, just as cool as I thought it'd be. Since the LA Girl colors are on my wish list, I'll be waiting to order any of them - and yeah, still not anywhere in my stores yet!
    Isn't it great being a bad influence?

  5. I love this one! I had it on for a complete week. I hated to take it off. Looks good on you. I would have a hard time with anyone borrowing my polishes! I'm too afraid I wouldn't get them back.


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