One of my most prized posessions

Hey guys!
More Zoya swatches to come but I'm waiting for the washer repair guy to finish before I do ANYTHING related to polish. (Bad enough he showed up in the middle of me cleaning the litterboxes!)
Anyway, I wanted to show you one of the things I would be certain to grab in case of fire

My sister-in-law made this for our wedding.

I love this quilt so much! I cried when I opened it because I was so surprised and touched.
She really did a beautiful job and it has unique little touches that just melted my heart.

This is the underside. Lovely embroidery.

She spelled my name out in the quilting stitch.

She made sure Matt's name was there too!

Quilting and crocheting is a family pastime in my husband's family. I have a quilt Matt's grandma made for him as a baby, a few of her afghans, afghans my mother-in-law made me and a quilt that Matt's other sister made us before she passed away.
I treasure them all and I actually have a plan in case of fire to make sure I have them with us.
My in-laws are amazing and I love them so much!
I will be showing you the quilt Janna made us soon. It is Matt's favorite.

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  1. What a beautiful quilt! How nice of your sister-in-law to make this for you. That is really something to treasure always. It's also beautiful how she personalised it underneath.


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