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I did this the other night but it hasn't stayed on long. Not because I was unhappy. I just felt meh.

Zoya Trixie on index, middle and pinkie.
Hard Candy Frenzy on ring.
Stamped with Konad Special Polish White and Hard Candy Frenzy
Image Plate m8

Same colors as before except Orly Star of Bombay on ring and index
with Hard Candy Frenzy

My only complaint is one I have always had for Trixie. No matter how long I allow it to dry, one finger always gets bubbles when I apply top coat. Just one finger, really. Weird. Nonetheless, I still adore Trixie.
Love silver polish and this one is the inspiration for naming my Trixie Belle.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your day is trouble free.


  1. Again, I just ask myself when I haven't bought a Konad! I see Konad designs all the time, and I love them, but I still haven't gotten around to getting a set to call my own.

  2. Your Konad is pretty, and I love the kitty!

  3. Love your cat! So beautiful. Fantastic manicure.

  4. You've been given a Blog Award...the details are on my blog! :)


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