Seven, seven, seven are my choices

I was tagged recently by Deb to do this in my favorite color, PURPLE! I apologize for not getting this up sooner but I'm a slacker. And exhausted. Halloween is a crazy busy time in my business!

Left to right:
1. My lavender Columbia jacket.
A major part of my cold weather cycling gear. Great until the major rains come!

2. Cashmere scarf.
I have quite the scarf collection and this is a favorite. Glad I pulled it out because
I realized how filthy it is. EEK! Guess I'm going to the cleaners today too!

3. Scarf by Pixie.
Pixie made this for me but didn't finish in time for Xmas so she
gave it to me for my birthday in May. That year, spring came late so
it saw plenty of action!

4. The Caboodles.
I've shown this before because it used to be my nail polish storage.
Got this for Xmas in 1993. I'm not ashamed to date myself.

5. L.A. Girl Rock Star in Groupie
I'm excited about this because it is so pretty and it expands my purple collection!

6. Hard Candy Mr. Wrong
Yes, it is awesome.

7. China Glaze Spontaneous
A favorite. Pretty, cheerful and Konads pretty well. All important reasons!

Thank you to Deb for tagging me! I hope y'all have taken time to check her blog out. She is the awesome!


  1. Sorry, I seemed to have accidentally left my comment for this response on your previous post. Apologies, my computer has been doing odd things all day! I was reminiscing about Caboodles!


  2. I always wanted a Caboodles. I just used the drawers in my bureau for all my makeup and nail polishes. It's crazy because I have more of the former than clothes in those drawers. I have 2 six drawer plastic containers for polish. I need Helmers!


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