Seven things

I was tagged by the sweet, lovely gildedangel from Naive Nails to choose seven items in blue to share.

 From left to right:

1. Over the knee socks from Sock dreams in Portland, OR.
Best socks ever and so handy in fall/winter for my bike rides!

2. Just one piece from my scarf collection.
This is a favorite to wear in spring or summer.

3. My paisley headband from Old Navy.
I wear this whenever my hair gets longer because I'm too far between
hair appointments. Which is frequent. But, man do I love having
really short hair. So much easier for me!

4. Orly Star of Bombay
Part of my recent Sally haul. Love this shade and can't wait
to swatch it for you. It is stunning!

5. My wallet.
My best friend in Seattle, Pixie, got this for me one birthday.
She has great taste and knows me so well!

6. One of my many beanies.
Had to dig all of my beanies out because my morning rides
are getting pretty damned chilly. I wear this under my bike helmet.

7. My other camera.
Matt bought this Nikon Coolpix for our trip to Yellowstone.
It's good but my Lumix is way better. I'm actually going to send this
to my nephew in Kansas because I'd rather buy a new Lumix than keep this.

Okay, guys. There ya have it! I will be tagging...

powerlifterchick of Kronicles of a Konad-er

Your color will be...ORANGE!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooooo! Fun! Orange is so fun! Thanks for tagging me. I have to go comment on your french nails post, it cracked me up

  2. I love those socks! They look so warm and comfy!

  3. Thanks for tagging me! Now I have to look for all my orange stuff :)

  4. Thanks for playing! The blue socks are awesome. Totally warm. I have them in purple/blue stripes too. My husband laughs every time I wear them!

  5. Thanks for tagging me! Orange.... I'm not sure I have anything orange! Seriously! Some creative thinking needed I think...


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