She's a teaser...

Coming soon...

Atlantis, Medallion, Fortuneteller

Black Creme, Holo Pumpkin, Shield and Opulent Cloud

Mr. Wrong

Blue Suede, Matte Magic, Enchanted Forest

Swatches coming soon!


  1. Wet 'n Wild Shield is awesome; I am wearing it right now!

  2. I hope you have better luck photographing Mr. Wrong than I did. I just couldn't capture it no matter what lighting I tried.
    Where did you find the pumpkin nail polish? I've seen snowman ones at Christmas but never pumpkins.

  3. I bought all the Pumpkin polishes. I have to try them out yet. You found the illusive Opulent Cloud! Good for you. No luck yet.

  4. Deb - Got the Pumpkin polish at Rite-Aid. My store only had the holo glitter and the orange/black glitter. Not the glow in the dark pink and blue.


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