Some more of this and less of that

Good morning!

I have another picture dump of some layering experiments. I showed how lovely Orly Love Each Other was layered over Star Of Bombay. When I went to remove it, I decided to try out a couple of other things.
All colors are layered over the original combo so results are not typical!

Index: Haken Blue Crush
Middle: Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold
Ring: L'oreal Lilac Dream and ChG Fairy Dust
Pinkie: OPI DS Treasure

Same as top just under daylight simulating fluorescent bulb.

I just couldn't get the Molten Gold brushed on in a thin enough coat but it's still a nice effect. Haken has pleased me immensely yet again. Blue Crush is perfect over this, it brings out more blue and the holo glitter it has is stunning.
The L'oreal did little so I threw on a coat of Fairy Dust. I have to have glitter now!!

Thanks for indulging me again. I will be doing this again since I finally have a black creme. (Gasp! I know. It's a long story.)

May the day find you well!


  1. I love seeing your layering experiments! These are really great!


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