A Tale of Two Duochromes

I'm batty about the duochromes and Nina Ultra Pro has been making me so happy.

I've shown Molten Gold in a couple of ways since I bought it but I haven't done a proper swatch.

Three coats in partial sun

Three coats indoor light

Bottle love!

Molten Gold is just simply gorgeous. I discovered this thanks to my sister. Her boss had a bottle so my sis swatched it on her thumb so I could see it. I was immediately in love. I don't normally like pink but a gold that flashes pink is a-okay with me! (I laugh when I think of my sister's boss having this because that woman is stereotypical aging hippie. Not one I would guess to wear nail polish.)

Naturally I had to have Molten Ruby. I picked it up yesterday when I went to Sally. I would have picked up Molten Copper but they were out! So I will be getting that with my safety bonus check next week.
Anyway. Our devilishly sweet Evil Angel, Andrea, mentioned that she had Molten Ruby and it was much more subtle but very pretty.

Two coats, partial sun
In this light the duchrome is subtle and it is a pretty, rosy red. In real life the duochrome effect was a little more pronounced and flashes bronze. It is snazzy.

Under daylight simulating CFL
This appears more of a foil finish but you can just barely make out the flash of bronze on the pinkie.

Better sunlight and here is the duochrome!

So the duochrome effect is much more subtle with Molten Ruby and shows best in sunlight. I'm still quite pleased with this and don't regret my purchase at all.

Thank you so much for looking! On another note, please go see Jodes at Phenomenail. She's new to the game but she's shown some rad colors and sweet Konad!


  1. Those are great colors; I love duochromes!

  2. I love a good duochrome! Bothe of these look gorgeous on you:)

  3. Both of these polishes are really pretty. I've never used this brand. Your nails look amazing.


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