Wet n' Wild Craze Shield

When I worked at Ed Wyse, I briefly became a salon brand snob. But I had access to OPI, Zoya and CND at below wholesale. I wasn't opposed to buying drugstore brands because I do love me some Sinful. However, Wet n' Wild was not appealing. I didn't know that they had improved their formula so I never picked anything up. That, and the colors were a wee bit tacky for me.
I was terribly excited when the Craze collection was released. Really lovely colors and much better packaging. I picked up Rustic and it is by far my favorite of the bunch. But I could not possibly pass up Shield.
I have to have gold!!

Two coats, full sun
(Click for larger to see the glitter!)

Shield is more of a champagne packed with very fine glitter. Three coats is best but you can easily get away with two. This dried quick so it's great for a quick and dirty mani. This is also suitable for anyone who needs a work appropriate shade.

Pretty, pretty!

I am pleased yet again by this collection and thrilled that Wet n' Wild is doing something new and exciting.
I'm looking forward to their expansion of the Craze line and will be buying more!


  1. Oh, I just got this polish, I can't wait to try it out!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm not much into gold at all but Shield really got to me, it's SO darned pretty! They did a good job with the Craze line!

  3. That's really pretty on you. I picked up the collection but haven't tried it yet. I have so darn many to try! I'm suprised that they are pretty decent not. They used to be so horrible.


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