You have to believe we are magic

Oh my god, you guys! I had the best day yesterday. My husband came back from his camping trip early and we are able to spend MY weekend together because he is technically still on vacation.
I totally missed him and he missed me.

We had a great breakfast at our favorite pub and then he took me out and spoiled me!
We went to Sally where I found China Glaze glitters and Fortune Teller as well as the Matte Magic topcoat.
Then I went to Rite-Aid for the pumpkin polish and I found Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud!! The very last one, no less!
We ended up at Walmart so he could pick up some stuff to wash the truck and they finally had the Hard Candy displays in. I'm now the proud owner of Mr. Wrong.
Later I ended up at another Sally in town where I picked up one of the Orly mattes and Enchanted Forest. I also did the sales clerk's job there but that's another story for later. (And boy, do I have a lot of stories.)

We ended our day with a delish spaghetti dinner with fresh Hungarian sausages from the best meat market in town and Dutch apple pie.

It was a magical day and I'm excited for today. We are going to wander around the McKenzie River Valley and Matt will be looking for grouse to hunt. (Not my style but I will be in the truck reading my book while he hunts.) I'm off to buy some more batteries for my camera and then to take pics of the river!

Have a great day, guys! I'll be back to swatch and visit everybody soon!


  1. I just got a good purchase at Sally as well. It's funny how excited we are when we find something good at stores. Plus your day had so much more to it :-)

  2. It's so funny, I can't squee with my other girlfriends about polish purchases, but I can squee with you all. You got all kinds of treats! It sounds like a completely wonderful day, and I'm glad you got to do all that!
    And that song is now stuck in my head.

  3. How nice to spend an unexpected time with your husband. Sounds like you made out like a bandit! I got all those pumpkin polishes also. I need Fortune Teller. Hope you post some river pictures. Do you jump when you hear the gun fire? I get so involved in a book that I forget everything.


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