Zoya Harley

In the midst of my Zoya madness, I realized I hadn't yet posted one from my stash that I meant to do last week!
I love gray polish and I'm always excited for something new to come. I was thrilled when this little beauty showed up because it fulfilled a few longings.

Two coats, no top, sunlight

Harley is just the loveliest light gray with sparkles!! I wanted a gray with sparkle/shimmer that wasn't a sheer or a frost. The polish fairies were listening!
I got mine thanks to the Zoya 5000 Twitter promo. This is where I share sad news. My bottle of Harley managed to come open in transit and spilled a little in the packaging. I had quite the mess to clean, yo.
It still applied nicely and evenly so I was good to go.

Well...not so much. When I went to swatch this, things were kind of thick and gloopy. I can't tell for certain but I think the mouth of the bottle cracked in transit and that's why it spilled. Now the cap won't screw on as tightly as I need it to. I will have to decant this into another bottle so I'll be off to see if I can find anything at Sally. I hope I won't need to use Seche Restore.

Sad, broken bottle. :(

Harley for me is best in three coats. Then again, that's pretty much my average. It's a fabulous color and I want to wear it again but I'm afraid I may have to end up buying another bottle. My fault for not contacting Zoya for replacement then but I really thought all would be good. Oh well...

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  1. Grey is one of those colours that I hated the idea of and refused to try,and then I did and I loved it. This colour looks great on you <3

  2. I adore Harley and it is one of my top favourites. Such a stunning grey and I love the shimmer.

    Sorry to hear yours got messed up a little. Hope you can make it work!

  3. Harley is just a gorgeous color. Loks lovely on you. So sorry your bottle is messed up.


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