Zoya Kamilah

I've said before that my sister loves red nail polish. So it was no surprise to me that she picked out two reds and a pink for the Zoya Polish Exchange this last spring.
Frankly, I am picky with reds. Some are so pretty but they lack the "WOW" factor to convince me to buy.
That's how I feel about this. It's lovely but I wouldn't buy it.

Two coats, no top coat, full sun

Kamilah has some golden shimmer and throws a bit of golden light. Three coats deepens and brings forth the golden shimmer. My sister has been wearing it as a pedi color and it looks terrific on her.

Another shot without as much glare.

This applied cleanly and smooth. Dry time was good. As usual, no complaints. This red just doesn't speak to me the same way that China Glaze Ruby Pumps does. My sister loves it and that's whats important.

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  1. I like the red, but I feel like it would look orangey on me.

  2. I love shimmery reds.It looks really nice on you :)

  3. Love this shade. I just ordered it. Very pretty on you.


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