Zoya Shiloh

Hey there! Was another great game for my beloved Oregon Ducks, they blew out Washington State 52-6!
That makes for one happy lamb.

Tonight I bring you Zoya Shiloh. It's almost similar to Kamilah but it has more of a jelly like finish and does not have the same golden shimmer. This is more my style red because it feels a little more contemporary to me.

Two coats, indirect sun

This makes me think of cherry hard candy or popsicles. I much prefer doing two coats of this rather than my usual three. Mainly because I wouldn't like it as much if it were a deeper red.

Look how glossy!

Shiloh is another red that would make a gorgeous pedi. Yet another one that would look amazing with my gold sandals. ;) What can I say? They're pretty snazzy shoes!

Thank you for stopping by and if you follow football, hope your team won tonight! (Unless you're in the Pac-10!)


  1. That's a pretty red on you. I just got this one yesterday. I don't like football. I like baseball.


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