Zoya Snow White

It's been a long haul but I bring you the final installment of "Inadvertent Zoya Week." Not that I don't have more Zoyas to show or anything but I think I'll hold off for a little bit. It was exhausting! ;)

My sister ordered this to replace the bottle stolen by our sister-in-law. (She belongs to our oldest idiot brother. She is a treasure. /sarcasm off)

I hadn't tried this until she brought me her stash and I'm sad I didn't buy it before.

Three coats, partial sun

This actually applied quite nicely! Which is not to say that it wasn't streaky at first. It was. Two straightened things out and three gave me exactly what I was looking for.

I was pleasantly surprised because I own Purity and it is thick, gloopy and a major PITA.
I opt to use it as a base for any yellow or sheer jelly I want to be more opaque. Snow White I would use as an entire manicure. It applied smooth and never dragged on my nail. It was an absolute pleasure!

That's so mod...

The next time Zoya runs a good BOGO deal or something, I will be picking up Snow White. (As an aside, who else but me is so disappointed that Zoya raised their price? Stupid bad economy. I am distraught.)
I highly recommend this if you want to try out a mod white mani or for a much needed base for your other pretty polishes!

Thanks so much for coming over! I'm trying to stay up for Lady Gaga on SNL but I doubt I'll make it.
(And, yes. The metal girl is a fan of Lady Gaga. I'm not at all ashamed of this.)


  1. I am not much of a fan of straight white nail polish, but that looks like it would make a great base for sheer colors!

  2. I have a DVR so I watched Lady Gaga today. I usually don't like this type of music either. I am a rock chick and I do like some metal. The show wasn't too funny. I do love Andy Sandberg! I never wear white polish. Now that I bought some Halloween nail polish sets I have plenty. I also bought polish from Zoya. Waaay too much from them. I got $36 off my balance. Don't ask what the rest was. I went nuts. Anyway this is a nice white on you.


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