China Glaze Recycle

Last winter I was crazy about grey. I had great makeup in grey but no nail polish. I was hunting high and low and all I found was polish waay out of my price range at the time. (I was saving for Cancun then too! Guess that will be my winter getaway destination from now on!)

Since I was pretty new to China Glaze, I did not know they had a grey creme until I saw Recycle on All Lacquered Up. I immediately rushed to Sally to find only disappointment. They did not have it! Which is a constant refrain about the Sally's here in town. Thank bob for e-tailers! I finally got my hands on this when I placed an order with Transdesign.

Recycle fulfills all of the lemmings I had. I didn't want it too dark and certainly not too light.

Three coats full sun

Recycle turned out to be the perfect middle ground for me. It's fully opaque in three coats and dries fairly quick and with plenty of shine. I love wearing this when I want something edgy but I'm not feeling black.

Imagine the possibilities...

I knew this was going to be a great choice to have some cool sheers and glitters layered over and I'm looking forward to doing some Konad with it. (I haven't because I have an idea for it and I need some more supplies!)

I did not hesitate to do some layering experiments last week  and I'm pleased as punch!

From left to right:
Pumpkin Holo
OPI Brand New Skates
Haken Blue Crush
China Glaze Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust is just awesome. Blue Crush is such a winner, it's so gorgeous on its own and it looks so neat layered over so many colors. BNS over this deepens the gray and is a good idea for those that don't like its sheerness.

Left to right:
Sally Girl It's SoU
Hard Candy Mr. Wrong
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Ruby

It's So U's blue sparkle pops on darker bases and I love the way it twinkles.
I threw Mr. Wrong on there on a whim and it's ok. I would like it better if I had applied it better.
Molten Gold never fails to please me. I really love how the pink shines here and it definitely deepens the gold. (Which I could not accurately photograph!)
Molten Ruby looked really snazzy in person. I especially like how it makes the red richer and the grey adds a great dimension. I will definitely wear this combo as a full mani!

Thanks for looking!


  1. gasp! Why don't I have recycle? why?
    It really does look great on you!

  2. I got this last week!! Absolutely love it :)

  3. How do I not have this polish? I need it!

  4. Loving Recycle, this goes straight to my wishlist. :)

  5. Recycle is just the perfect grey. Looks fantastic on you. Your really going crazy trying out all those different polishes over top of it.


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