Curry Duck Day Mani

Good morning!
Happy day! I went to the Sephora inside J.C. Penney last night with my sisters and had soo much fun! It is amazing how makeup and nail polish can change your mood. Anyway, I walked out with my first ever Urban Decay shadow palette and I am crazy in love!
I will also be picking up some more polish this weekend so I will be having plenty to show you.

What we have today is last week's Duck Day mani. I like how it turned out but it was rather subtle. I kinda knew that the Ducks would fall to Stanford so this mani was not nearly as exuberant.

New York Summer Amaranth
Orly Love Each Other
Wet n' Wild Shield
Zoya Goldie
China Glaze Medallion
Konad Image plate m21

A rare picture of righty.

I did not stamp the full flower design on plate m21. I just used the head of the flower because it looked more like a coin in the metallics. Then I used a dotting tool to place dots of Medallion around and in the center of the flowers.

I think my right hand came out way better than my left. That rarely happens! As I was applying this, I noticed that it evoked the kind of embroidery found in Indian textiles. That gives me inspiration to try this again with some other colors. I can't wait to do that!

Thank you for looking and enjoy your morning!


  1. :::dies::::


    that is GORGEOUS!
    WOW girl! You are some kinda talented!
    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Great mani. I wish my local JC Penney had a Sephora in it. There isn't even a Sephora store near me. I am so glad I have Ulta and Macy's nearby. I really like buying nail polish and cosmetics in person!

  3. Christy - Thank you, love! You're so sweet!

    Deb - I'm so excited for Sephora to be here. The next nearest one is in Portland and that's a two hour drive! I do miss Ulta though. I haunted the one I lived near in Georgia!

  4. ohhh.... this is very pretty... i love the color base u used...thanks for ur comment on my page..xoxo happy polishing!!

  5. That is so cute! This is my favorite duck day mani yet!

  6. Wow! This is beautiful and sparkly! I love it :)

  7. Love this manicure. I order everything online. I just bought The Book of Shadows II during the sale. I'm waiting for it. Funny thing is I don't have the first Book of Shadows! I thought I had it.


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