Give me glitz

I have mentioned time and again that I am a sucker for metallic polishes. I love golds, silvers, bronzes and coppers. Which is funny since I only wear white gold and sterling silver jewelry. Go figure.
Last winter the Flourish collection was released and I HAD to have Richelle.

Two coats, failing sun

Richelle is a unique gold. It has some bronze-y and rose tones but it still is definitely gold. This is a great option for anyone who shies away from yellow golds. This requires three coats for full coverage and really doesn't show much brush stroke unlike other metallics.  My only complaint is that I get these weird little clumps of polish somewhere on the nail. Now, this has been doing that ever since I brought it home and used it for the first time. It is really weird. Anyone have any ideas?

Snatching the last of the sun

This wears really well. I wore this for three days with minimal tip wear and a few chips and this was without the Color Lock System. If using the Color Lock System, this should wear a little longer. Provided you are not digging through giant boxes of smelly, donated shoes or building fake Xmas trees. Just sayin' is all.

As always, I thank you for coming by. Enjoy your evening!


  1. Looks lovely on you. I can't figure out what is causing that problem. Try cleaning your nails with remover before you put on your base coat. It also could just be the nature of the polish. Hope you find a solution.


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