Island dreaming

It's official. I am over Autumn and have decided to skip Winter. Probably because I am seriously planning another trip to Cancun. We could definitely use it! (BTW, Matt and me are taking vitamin D supplements and it is really helping.) I dream about this often:

Oh hells yes, y'all.

So I decided to swatch one of my favorite blues for you today.

Two coats, hardly any sun

This is Orly Calypso Breeze from the Tiki Time collection. I only have this in a mini size but I need the full size.
As usual, Orly is amazing. One thicker coat is opaque and it dries super fast. The shine factor isn't too bad considering Orly cremes dry with a satin finish. I have played with this for Konad and it's a winner. Orly is one of my absolute favorites to Konad with.

What a pretty blue!

Calypso Breeze is a truly season-less color but man, does it make me miss Cancun. What can I say? I was meant to be an island girl!

Thank you for looking and here's hoping your morning treats you well!


  1. You have what seems like a successful blog. Do you have any advice for me to make mine more successful?

  2. An island vacation sounds amazing right now. Your nails look fantastic. Very pretty.

  3. I want that blue! It looks great on you!


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