KOTD - Challenged!

Last night I asked Matt what he thought I should do with my nails. (Poor husband, has to participate in these discussions about polish...) I really loved yesterday's mani but you know me, I must change my look each day!
Matt said I should blindly grab two polishes from my stash and rock them together.
That was a scary thought! What if I pulled out two cremes that don't go well together? The possibilities were overwhelming and I wasn't sure I would take up his challenge.
Until he said he would pick two polishes and then take my stash to work with him!!! The mere thought of being without my Konad was horrifying! So I promised I would and I have.

Early this morning, I pulled out my stash. I kept my eyes glued to the news on T.V. and reached in. I spread my hands out and quickly snatched the first two bottles I touched. What did I get? Only the biggest relief ever! I managed to snag China Glaze Adore and Orly Country Club Khaki. Two colors that could mesh well and Konad! I win.

CC Khaki on thumb, index, middle and pinkie.
Adore on ring.
Stamped with image plate m4.

I really enjoyed the contrast of the metallic and creme finishes and I love vibrant colors paired with neutrals like tans and browns. I seriously lucked out on this one and I hope Matt will approve.
We will see!

Trying to get some sun through the fog...

That does it for me today. Time to get ready for work. Xmas end caps await me!
Have an awesome day!


  1. OOOOoooo, this is awesome!
    LOVE the color combo!

    and my hubby TOTALLY feels your hubby's pain! LOL
    It's kinda sad though, I think I'm perverting him, cause now he see's a paint job on a car, and says "You need that color in polish!" or will pick out colors for me at the store, which is great cause he picks out colors i woulda looked over, and they look great with my skin tone!
    YAY for Hubbies!


  2. Very pretty! It's ok, my boyfriend gets hounded on whether he likes my polish or not!

  3. That's fantastic. I love it!

    My hubby always asks my why I spend so much money on nail polishes ... I mean durr!!!!!!
    Bless him!

  4. This is such a cool manicure! I love it!!!

  5. This is so likely to my husband to give me this kind of answer....LOL....
    But I have to say that after all it was a fun idea and you picked out polishes that goes together well :-)

  6. Love the combo, you really lucked out with those colors. ;)

    And my husband got shocked when he saw my nail polish drawer for the first time. How can you explain that you actually NEED 100+ polishes... ;)

  7. great colour combo! they work great together, love it<3

  8. That was a lucky grab. Pretty combination. Love the Konad.


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