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I was tagged by  gildedangel , Cindy, Pinkginger and Andrea for this!
Thank you so much!!
Update!!! If you haven't seen by the comments, the lovely Helen tagged me as well. Just goes to show how I've been slacking on my social obligations.  Bad, bad lamb!

I'm to share seven things that I have not before. Sometimes it is so difficult to come up with things!

1. I love movies but I don't like going to the theater or watching them at home with other people. I'd rather watch them by myself because I'm so picky.It's hard to choose a movie with me because I hate chick flicks, action movies and most big budget blockbusters.

2. I love music and I'm known as the music geek at work. Metal is my absolute favorite but I have a shameful love of Eurovision. I won't front.

3. I am lazy. I hate cleaning. I will save all of my chores until the last and try to speed through them before Matt comes home from work. I've been busted way too often but it's what I do.

4. My older brother is in Afghanistan working as a Police Mentor. This makes my mom worry.

5. I do not like cake. I get a cheesecake for my birthday and I had one at my wedding. Cheesecake is delicious.

6. My mom's side of the family is HUGE. She is number 16 out of 18 kids. I've met cousins I never knew I had until I joined Facebook.

7. My parents are from Long Island, New York. My brother was born there. But my sister was born in Colorado and me and my younger brother were born in Nebraska.

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  1. Ha! Damn, I've been slacking on making my rounds then!

  2. Well you are going to love it then...I'm going to have my Husband start doing a feature on my blog a music review and he is the Metal Master! I do believe first up is the new Nile cd.
    P.S. our youngest daughter is named after 2 of my favorite guitar players, My Husband Chris and Layne Staley! \m/


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