New York Summer Amaranth

I don't always have a lot of love for jellies because they show too much VNL.  However, if the color is too good to pass up I will be all over it. I saw pictures of Amaranth last spring and I knew I would have to have this. It was such a stunning green!

Three coats, partial sun

Amaranth is quite sheer so three coats is a must. Three makes it close to opaque but there is a faint VNL.  More like squint to see it but, yeah. Each coat dried quickly and it had a satiny finish. Top coat adds the necessary shine and you're good to go.

Amaranth is a cheerful green and I am so glad I bought this. It will be necessary to lift my spirits through the winter! I will definitely have to try it out for a Duck Day mani!

Bottle love in full sun.

When I do wear this, I can't help but hear the Nightwish song, "Amaranth."  Which reminds me that I really prefer Annette Olzon as a brunette. Just sayin' is all.


  1. I haven't used this brand. Love that color though. Looks awesome on you.

  2. love this! i'm slowly coming around to greens...


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