Good day!

Today I bring you a lovely Zoya polish that I bought ONLY because of its name.

Zoya Dita!
Two coats in failing sun

I'm not much for reds, pinks and berries but I do have a few. Dita was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't think I would like it but I wound up loving it! It just cheers me so.

The formula is awesome as ever. Three coats would be a must for full coverage because two still shows VNL. This dried quick and stayed shiny and glossy. I had no issues with staining when I went to remove it which was a relief. That's one reason why I dislike wearing reds or berries!

As I mentioned, I bought this because of the name. This is my little Dita:

Dita the tiger eating Auntie's hair.
(I don't understand why she does this but she loves it.)

Looks like a cocktail for the nails!

Thank you for looking! I have some more things coming up and a little surprise.
Now it's off to Sally, Rite-Aid and Dollar Tree for more polish!


  1. Awww, I love Dita the kitty! It is a lovely color too!

  2. I was going to buy this color, but I was going to buy it because of Dita Von Teese (whom I happen to think is absolutely gorgeous). I was going to a moon manicure like hers with it.

  3. I forgot to add that my pet rat, Poofie, had a crazy obsession with my hair. He was always hiding in it. My mom did always say my hair was a rat's nest...

  4. Pretty! I sooo need to try Zoya.

  5. How cute your kitty is. Love this color. I bought this because of the name also. I love Dita von Teese also. Looks gorgeous on you.


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