Where I been and Duck day mani

Friday was a special day with much rejoicing.
It was my sister's birthday and we took her out to our favorite bar to celebrate.

Left to right:
Matt, my sister, me
Our bestie, Edica
Our other bestie, Nae and Nae's boyfriend, Chris

We had a super good time and it was a nice way to start my week.

Now on to the Duck Day mani.
I received my China Glaze Loves You Snow Much set on Friday and I knew I would have to use it right away. I was rocking Zoya Harley on Friday and I really did not want to remove it.

My first step was to apply a thin coat of Five Golden rings over Harley.
It was pretty.

Then it was time to break out the Konad and the dotting tool and have some fun. The gold was a little luxe so I wanted to roll with the rich feeling and I chose the fleur de lis pattern from plate m15. That one has always been a headache for me because it refused to transfer properly. I took Sasse's tiep to lightly file the image and that worked for me.

Dots are China Glaze Emerald Sparkle and Zoya Goldie
Images are Emerald Sparkle and Goldie

I love how this turned out. The gold stamp was really subtle but it was so pretty. Emerald Sparkle stamps well and it's sparkles really popped in bright light. However, Emerald Sparkle is much too pretty for something like this. It is best to be shown in all its glory. Which is to come...soon!

Thank you for looking!


  1. Sounds like you had lot of fun :-) Thank you for sharing !

    And I love this color on you :-)

  2. I am glad that you had a good time! I love this color, it is so pretty!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister! Sorry it's late. I'm really really behind in reading blogs. Love that gold over Harley. That really looks pretty. Nice manicure.


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