Workplace appropriateness

Today I bring you China Glaze Fifth Avenue. This was shown recently and I'm a jerk for not remembering who it was. :( Anyway, I decided to go with something work safe today.
I bought this when I was out of work and was getting ready to interview. I decided on this because it still gave me color and when I wasn't interviewing anymore, I could always layer over it with something cool.
I suppose everyone needs some neutrals in their stash, right?

Two coats in full sun

I was happy with the result and I do like the color but it is a little boring. So I had to do more.

One coat of Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold

The Ninas are simply awesome. I love the berry tones it gives Fifth Avenue and the gold flash is mesmerizing.
This still keeps the manicure work safe but adds some much needed flash.
Now to plan a snazzy manicure for Thanksgiving...

Thank you for looking and see you again tomorrow!


  1. Hi sweetie! Love that manicure. The Molten Gold saves that shade from boredom. Looks really pretty.

  2. Neutrals are a must have? Uh oh...does black count?

    i love the duochromy goodness that molten gold gives this!

  3. WOW!!! those are great colors..i love it..

  4. I'm a girl who loves colours and different polishes but I have to say that lately I am totally loving the neutral/nude look. Do not know what's wrong with me?!?

  5. I like the layering! And I can't wait to see what you have in store for Thanksgiving! I'm about to go grab my polishes and get ready to do mine tonight! Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING friend!! XOXOX

  6. That's a cute color. :)
    I like it best on it's own, actually.


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