Zoya Posh

I've definitely been on the matte trend and the Zoyas did not disappoint. What was different for me was that I did not want the black or grey. Those are usually my favorites but Posh was exceptionally stunning.

Three coats, full sun

Posh dries ridiculously quick and it is best to work fast when applying. The shimmer in spite of its matte finish is lovely and glows from within.

The frosted finish of the bottle is so pretty.

I wasn't satisfied to just leave things as is. But I wasn't going to slick on top coat and go. It is amazing, yes. But we have all seen it. I had to try some layering combos.

Left to right:
China Glaze Fairy Dust
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold
OPI DS Treasure
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Ruby

All in full sun.

Treasure was my favorite of the experiment. The gold sparkles added a warmth and richness to this lovely red and made it much more fiery. Fairy Dust never fails and it was a fun look . The moltens were lovely but didn't add as much as I would've hoped.

More to come soon. I've been a busy lamb!


  1. Posh is really beautiful. It really lives up to the "velvet" part of "matte velvet". I have Loredana (the matte gray), and I was impressed with how well it applied and wore. Have you seen the new Zoya mattes? They have a purple, a magenta, and a green!

  2. Very pretty color and it looks great on you! I need to try their mattes. I tagged you on my latest post :)

  3. I love this colour - and it isn't in my collecton - should be really!

    I tagged you for an award on my blog :)

  4. I love Posh. It's a gorgeous color. It chipped on me in my sleep! I like the gold on this polish. Very stunning.


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