Duochrome at the Drugstore

Good morning loves! I have a few pics from a few hauls ago of Scherer Chameleons in Calypso I picked up at Rite-Aid.

Three coats some sun no top coat

Same as above with top coat and flash

This polish was a pleasant surprise for me. I was worried it was more duochrome in bottle but no! It has a fun, foil finish but it definitely flashes blue and green. The formula is smooth but you definitely want to use a ridge filler because it will show all of your sins. This dried exceptionally quick too! What a great find for under five bucks!

Bottle love in cloudy light

That is all I have for now. I'm getting my iPod loaded for my trip to the dentist. I'm definitely putting Rotting Christ's "Theogonia" album on there. I was listening to that when I had my root canal and I fell asleep in the middle of the procedure. Who knew Greek Black Metal could be so soothing?
(I'm also putting Opeth and Katatonia on too but they make great headphone listening albums anyway!)

Have a lovely day. I may be back later today but I will for sure be back tomorrow. I will be bringing the Rose Bowl edition of my Duck Day manicure for you then. Thanks for looking!


  1. I've seen these and always wondered about them!

    Good luck at the dentist! Oh yeah the rose bowl... I'm surprised the boyfriend isn't going on and on about it anymore. haha

  2. Fell asleep during root canal? That's amazing! I've never heard of this brand. It's a gorgeous shade. I can't believe I'm so behind on blogs. I'm trying to catch up. Have a Happy New Year sweetie!

  3. Your nails look fab, and good luck at the dentist. That's my greatest fear in life. Get this: I had oral surgery when I was younger (maybe like 12 or 13) and my surgeon's name was ACTUALLY Dr. Blood. Yikes. I hope your surgeon's name is something like Dr. Awesome.

  4. Been eyeing these for SOOO LONG!!!

    YAY! so glad they are good!

    I'll be praying all goes well for ya hun!

    {{{BIG HUGS}}}

  5. I must have that polish! Good luck at the oral surgeon, I really hope that your wisdom teeth experience goes much better than mine did, good luck! *hugs*

  6. very pretty! have a happy new year :) look forward to seeing what kinda nails you have in the new year

  7. what a gorgeous colour! happy new year to you dear:*

  8. Oh, this is cool! I tried one of these and didn't like it much, but this looks really pretty. Now I'll have to look for it. Haha!
    I'm glad you made it through okay!

  9. Duochrome is my second favorite finish next to holographic. Awesome polish!
    I can fall asleep listening to Black and Death Metal as well.

  10. Those polishes are the best finds!
    Nice color...

    Hope the dentist didn't cause to much pain...

  11. I easily fall asleep on music. As long a it feels good and that I am cut from the whole world, it's enough for me even if the music is noisy. :D

    That purple polish is a little beauty. You can't go wrong with purple, you can't go wrong with duochrome. How does it look on a dark base such a forest green or a dark red?


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