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This post discusses a product that was sent to me by Nailene.
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Today at work we were able to dress "festively." Now, I don't celebrate Xmas but I do love a good Ugly Sweater Party. The sad news is that we were all sold out of our most gaudiest ones and I just can't commit to wearing a holiday sweater if it's not retina searingly ugly. It's just my way.
Of course, I opted to dress my nails instead.

I debated on what to do exactly but I settled on the confetti nails. It's fun, festive and a breeze to do.
This was achieved with the following:

Zoya Purity

Sinful Ruby, Ruby
Wet n' Wild Craze Inferno
Hard Candy Frenzy
Orly Enchanted Forest
Sally Girl Unnamed neon magenta
OPI Silver Belles

China Glaze Medallion

I did lefty with much bigger dots and splotches. I did smaller ones on righty. I really like how they turned out and I appreciate the differences. It almost looks like one of those snazzy, glitter frosted ball ornaments.
I topped this all with a top coat that was sent to me by Nailene. This came in a package with a French Nail pen. (Which will be spotlighted soon.)
I was pleased with its consistency which was thick but smoothly spread. It dried quickly and easily smoothed out the glitter and bumps from the nail polish dots. It has a great shine and it wore beautifully! I was a little apprehensive because I love me some Out The Door, Zoya Armor and Seche. (Yes, in that order.)

This wore just beautifully for me. I knew I had some extra strength by applying a glitter polish but this top coat was a pleasant surprise. I did not have tip shrinkage and I did not have a single chip. Considering I moved a sectional and recliner, rearranged my furniture section, dug through tubs of donated Xmas merchandise and straightened the tool section today!
However, I did use a glitter and I'm worried my results are really not typical. So I plan on using this top coat with a regular manicure and see how well it stands up to my job. As of right now, I am quite pleased!

Thank you for looking! Hoping your weekend is fun filled and relaxing!


  1. I love it!!! and I love your attempt to find an ugly Christmas sweater -- I admit, I stole one out of my Mom's closet (from the early 90's, late 80's) that worked PERFECTLY! lol

  2. hehehehe xmas sweaters make me cringe. Love the nails though. I always create disasters with the dotting tool

  3. Hahaha, I love it!!!

  4. This is so festive ! You used such "happy" colors :-) Love it !

  5. Haha, well we both know how I feel about obnoxious Christmas stuff - the more obnoxious the better, right? :P
    This is perfect, since you couldn't find the ugly sweater, your nails are deliciously gaudy and I love them!

  6. I've heard of those parties ugly sweater parties. There has been a bunch around campus. Unfortunately, they were all before finals week. Who goes to a party the weekend before finals?! Definitely not me not when you have accounting to study for!

    Surprisingly, those ugly sweaters have been hard to find everywhere. I like the manicure, much simpler than the sweater. :)


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