Grey days...

Good morning!

I'm feeling a little gloomy now. Partly because of my impending oral surgery tomorrow and because some of my nail pictures have just up and disappeared. I blame Picasa. I didn't do any editing, organizing or anything. I just opened up Firefox to see my blog and they were gone! They are not in my web album or on the hard drive. It's a big fucking mystery to me and I am VERY unhappy. Grrr...
Thus, I am reflecting my stormy mood on my nails.

Essie Chinchilly
Three coats over base
Topped with Nailene Acrylic Strong top coat

This is my first Essie ever. I picked it up at Fred Meyer right before Xmas and got a deal because my bestie is a shopping ninja. (We had coupons for everything!!! She is amazing.) They had the entire fall collection there and I debated (and secretly swatched!) for the longest time which one to get. Mink Muffs was out because it didn't excite me. Midnight Cami was gorgeous and it was a major contender. I decided against Bright Tights and Pink Parka because I'm trying to get my neon obsession under control. So I left with Chinchilly.

I was pretty pleased with the formula of this and the dry time. I was a little worried I would have sheet marks because I started it a couple of hours before bed. Gratefully, my fears were allayed. This did not wear too well but ONLY because I had to work in drive-through for a couple of hours yesterday. I've yet to find a polish that could. There's no way, yo.

My biggest disappointment in this that despite applying three coats, I still had major streakiness near my cuticles and tips. I will try it again to see if this is simply operator error. Could be because I was in such a bad mood anyway. I really hope not because I like this color a lot. It won't replace my beloved ChG Recycle which is a wee bit darker but it is nice to have another grey creme in the stash.

Thank you for looking! Here's hoping your days are much better than mine!


  1. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow!

  2. Everything is going to be fine.
    Btw, can you believe i never add a grey?!

  3. I picked this one up too. I have a weird thing for grays right now...

    Three coats, for me, wasn't streaky but i did apply a thicker 3rd coat.

    Love this color. I think i may have to pick up mink muffs and midnight cami tho because i was surprised with these polishes. I usually pick mine up online for better deals. I just don't think Essie polishes are worth $8 at retail.

    Hope the surgery goes well and you heal up fast! Do you get to eat ice cream?? :)

  4. Grey, grey grey. It was my first NP obsession. Love this! I knew I would, too. It looks fantastic on you.
    I'm so sorry you are down - it pisses me off when stuff disappears on blogger, too, let me tell you! Haha.
    I picked up about half of your replacement package yesterday, I will try to get the rest of it tomorrow and then maybe you will have that to look forward to in recovery? With any luck.
    I hope it goes well, sweetie.

  5. That is a gorgeous color, good luck tomorrow! :)

  6. Hope your doing fine with your surgery. So sorry about losing your pictures. I don't know anything about coomputers. I just type and go. Love this shade. I have to order it yet.


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