L.A. Girl Matte

Good morning!

Today I bring you one of my latest L.A. Girl acquisitions. This is from the matte collection and boy, did I step out of my comfort with this one!

Matte Coral
Two coats, no base, limited sun

I wanted to get something really bright and though I love orange, I opted for Matte Coral. The bottle showed more of an orange-y cast but it's definitely a pink-y coral. I am not disappointed in this because it is so sunny and cheery.

This was easy to work with and applied smoothly. It does dry quickly as mattes are wont to. However, it dries slower than Zoya and Orly mattes. I had to be very careful until it dried but I did manage to ding the index.

I found this at my local Fred Meyer store for $2.99 but I do know that these are available at Cherry Culture for $4.00. They have a nice selection of colors in this line and I definitely plan on buying some more!
I did, of course, play around with layering as well as making this pretty color shine with top coat!

China Glaze Five Gold Rings on index
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Opal on middle
Orly Love Each Other on ring
Out The Door top coat on pinkie

I loved all of the effects the layering gave. Molten Opal was amazing but I was most impressed with the Orly over it. The purple/blue sparkles just jumped right off the nail!

Thank you for looking! I'm almost at the end of my week. I'm planning on making a beautiful batch of pho for me and Matt to enjoy on Xmas Eve. Then it's all about the cuddle time on the couch!
What plans do you have?

Have a lovely day, all!


  1. That looks perfect on you!
    It stinks that these aren't available in more B&M's!

  2. Cool! Sometimes Forever 21 gets LA Girl polishes. I wonder if they will get these?

  3. I have two of these. I wasn't impressed with these mattes.
    You can also selectively find these at Forever 21 for $2.80.
    Occasionally, i go in and stalk their polish tables. haha

  4. what a bright colour, to cheer you up during this weather! looks great on you

  5. This is such a gorgeous,vibrant colour! I love the layering effects too :) As for my plans? Work,work, and more work. I haven't even decorated my tree yet!

  6. My Feddie's has these two I can't wait to try some out! Do you have anymore?

  7. Thanks for all the comments, guys!

    Antonea - I'm sorry you didn't care for it. Of the mattes I have, I prefer Orly. Love my Zoya matte and want more but Orly has been best for me so far.
    I REALLY need to go to Forever 21. last time I was there, they didn't have any polish but maybe I'll get lucky.

    Andrea - That's so disappointing! I'm glad it's not a regional thing though. I would have to send you care packages otherwise! ;)

    Deb - I'd hope Forever 21 would because $4 is kind of a lot when you know it can be purchased for less elsewhere. However, if you REALLY, REALLY want one...I'm sure I can fix you up. ;)

    Kitty- This was the only matte I got. I will be getting some more soon. I really liked the wide color assortment.

    Ginger - That sounds just like me minus the tree. Matt has a tabletop fiber optic one he puts up for himself on Xmas Eve. Even on my day off I will be at work, I get to serve lunch for my employees on Xmas Eve. Should be pretty sweet!


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