Lemming fulfilled!

I'm sure all of us have ridiculously long list of nail polishes we covet and have to own. I'm certain several of you are better organized with than I. I don't have mine written down and I don't have a spread sheet. I keep thinking I should put a list on either my phone or my iPod touch but I never get around to it. (Which is sad considering both are on my person at all times!) So, sometimes my lemmings remain just that.

I kept meaning to buy China Glaze Lubu Heels. I really did. But I was waylaid by the Khrome collection, the specialty glitters and Fortune Teller. Then I became obsessed with the Nina Ultra Pro Moltens. And so on.
When I got my 20% off coupon for Sally, I was bound and determined to get it. It almost didn't happen because I was sorely tempted to pick up a third Orly. But I reined myself in and stuck to my plan.

I'm glad I did because I love it! It's no replacement for OPI Midnight In Moscow and doesn't come close. (Plus MIM is the most amazing color ever and my number one of all time. So there.) However, I do love the red glitter in a black base. It's fun, funky and elegant.

Three coats, indoor lighting over base and topped with Out The Door

The pictures I'm showing are the day after I applied it. It wore so beautifully! I had put together three Xmas trees, processed jewelry, cashiered and worked in the drive through donation area on day one. I came away with slight tip wear and one tiny chip. Unbelievable! Despite that and washing my hands at least ten times that day!
I was so happy with how it looked that I decided to keep it on for at least another day. So I got a fine brush out of my kit and touched up the chip and the tips then topped it all off with another go of Out The Door.
That was when I remembered to take pics!

Lubu Heels definitely calls for three coats for full opacity. It dries in a reasonable amount of time and the red glitter shines like crazy with top coat. I am so happy with this and I'm looking forward to playing with Konad and matte top coat over it. Gonna be amazing!

Finally, I wanted to show pics of both of my hands wearing this and for two reasons:
1. My poor hands are beat up right now. Who knew fake Xmas trees were so scratchy?
2. My rings. I have two wedding sets that I wear at all times.
Matt bought me a black diamond set for our tenth anniversary. He always wanted to buy me something like it but we couldn't afford it when we married and he's even pickier about jewelry than I am. It took three years but he found a set that truly represents me.
I wear my original set on my right hand because it means so much to me! The silver band is the very first ring Matt bought me. He gave that to me on our first anniversary. The diamond ring is my original engagement ring. He proposed to me on Xmas day 2001. It just took five years to get married, that's all. ;)

My husband spoils me so...

Thank you for indulging me. Since I'm feeling so crappy, I'm prone to being sentimental and maudlin.
It's just my thing. ;)
Hope the week finds you all in better health!


  1. Lubu Heels is fabulous!
    What a sweet story behind your rings and both sets are lovely!
    Feel better!

  2. I love Lubu Heels! In fact I am actually wearing it right now!

  3. Lubu Heels looks great on you! :D
    The rings are so pretty. :)


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