The most reluctant holiday manicure EVER

I said before that I don't celebrate Xmas. Matt, however, does. He wheedled and cajoled me into doing a holiday manicure. (Okay, he suggested it and I cannot resist his charms. What can I say? I'm crazy in love with my husband.)

I used one of the newest additions to my stash that I got from Cherry Culture. It is a brand called L.A. Splash and the color is called Crimson Tide. It's a seriously sweet dark red glitter. It's no Ruby Pumps but it is snazzy. It's also in such a neat bottle. I admit, that drew me to it first then the color. ;)

Two coats of Crimson Tide
Nail decals by Nailene (My Xmas gift from them.)
Konad Special Polish in white
Orly Glitz
Nail Magic Birthstones Peridot
Konad image m15

I really like this polish and I adore the color but I have to be honest and tell you that it is simply the weirdest polish I have ever used. It's not necessarily thick but it does tend to get tacky on the brush pretty quick.
I found myself constantly dipping back into the bottle to reload my brush just to finish my three strokes for one nail. Odd. However, it dried ridiculously fast.
The finish is muted and a wee bit bumpy but Out The Door smoothed and shined it all out.

Matt chose the decals and decided which fingers they would go on. He also chose the Konad image and the gold to stamp it with. I decided to continue the white and gold theme from the decals so I used my special polish on the ring. I was not satisfied with only that so I added a sweet metallic light green on the index.

I admit this came out really cute and my bestie would be sooo proud of me for doing this. Especially since I talked her out of buying a holiday sweater at Fred Meyer today! Which brings me to mention that I had the most amazing day. I hung out with Sugar Mama and we shopped like mad. It was awesome! She also gave me a present: a Sally gift card, an Art Deco Nail Art striper in green glitter and some lovely lotion from Victoria's Secret. Sweet!
Not only that, I got to talk to the lovely, sweet and oh so cute Nicole from Magic Maid.
Oh my word, she has the cutest accent! What a great gift to actually speak to one of my fellow nail fanatics. I was just over the moon, guys!

I'm off for some cuddle time with Matt and Gus on the couch. Thank you for looking and I hope everybody has a super fun day tomorrow!


  1. I love the fact that your husband picked this out for you - what a great man! Mine is barely able to choose between the colours I shove in his face most days.
    I like it too - I think it turned out nicely.


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