Orly, you rock my socks!

I think by now, my love for Orly should be legendary. I have never found a polish brand that consistently wows me with color selection and formula. I love how quickly they dry, the few coats needed for opacity and how well it transfers in Konad.
So when I found out that Orly was launching their own matte line, I jumped on it. Don't get me wrong, I love the shimmery shades available but I love a good creme. I knew Orly would avoid OPI's mistakes when it came to producing a matte creme.  Thus, I bring you Blue Suede.

Two coats, no base in failing sun

I was pleased with how well this applied. The overlaps on my fingers are caused from Trixie bumping into my arm while I was applying this. (When she wants love and attention, she is unstoppable!) Blue Suede dried super quick and was all good to go in less than 10 minutes. The finish was a perfect matte, not at all chalky.

That is one vibrant blue!

I dislike the recommendation that one forgo base coat to wear the mattes. I did it for swatching but I have successfully worn base coat under matte polish with no adverse results. It's been stated before but I'm happy to repeat that the key is to let your base coat dry completely before applying matte polish. I usually clean and prep my nails and paint base coat the night before I want to polish with a matte. It makes for an easy peasy mani in the morning!

I wish I could tell you how well this one wore but I can't. I have only been able to swatch it! I'm so behind!
I have said before how rough my job is on manis but I do like to share with you when a polish REALLY stands up to the abuse. So far, Orly has not let me down. In spite of moving furniture, untangling snarled jewelry, digging through giant boxes and putting together Xmas trees; Orly stands up well.

Thank you for looking! Hope the week treats you well.


  1. Cool! It looks much better than the OPI mattes. The OPI mattes must not be selling well. I passed by Trade Secret yesterday and they were having a "buy one, get one" deal only on the mattes. They must be struggling to get rid of them.

  2. I have been falling in love with Orlys lately too! I want this, I did not end up getting it, I only got the black matte, and now I'm regretting it - I'm sure I will end up ordering it! Haha. It's SO freaking cool!


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