Ouchie, ouch, ouch!

I may be away for a little bit, guys. Last night I woke up with my mouth hurting like crazy! I'm currently arranging to see my dentist but right now I am in agony! I'm sure I need a root canal. (My dentist is superb, I fell asleep in the middle of my last root canal. So I'm not worried about that.)
Before I forget, I also caught my co-workers' cold. It's an amazing week, y'all.



I have an appointment tomorrow. I couldn't take the one for this afternoon because I have to work tonight. Thank bob, I have some codeine to see me through. I've gone and scheduled a few posts with some pictures I've been sitting on for awhile. 
Thank you so much for your warm wishes and kind words. You all make me smile and touch my heart!


  1. Ow! That's a lot going on in one time. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yikes! I hope you can get in to see the dentist soon.

  3. Hope you feel better soon ! Sending you a big hug :-)))

  4. Oh you poor baby! Sending you soothing vibes and big hugs!

  5. OH u poor thing!!!

    tooth pain SUCKS!!!

    {{{Huge hugs}}}}

    and YAY FOR CODEINE!!!


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