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A handful of recent Konads:

Picture one is showing China Glaze Emerald Sparkle stamped with China Glaze Millennium

Picture two shows Zoya Richelle stamped with OPI You Don't Know Jacques (Image stamped twice for better results.)

Pictures three and four show Nina Ultra Pro in Molten Opal. Stamped with Zoya. Rihana. Thumb has Orly Star of Bombay and China Glaze Spontaneous stamps. Spontaneous is also on middle finger.

Image plates used:

m15 (paisley)
m 21 (Big flower and flower bunch)
m4 (little flower)

I was terribly impressed with Rihana stamping so nicely. My paisley was a big fail and needs some light filing.
The big flower and the colors in the second Konad, Matt actually chose and I was happy with how it turned out. YDJ needed to be double stamped to really show. Stamp alignment wasn't dead on but I liked the effect anyway.

Thank you for looking!


  1. Ah, Emerald Sparkle. Love it. Epic.

    You need to watch RuPaul's Drag Race. Seriously. It is possibly the best thing ever put on television. I'm reasonably sure you can watch it on (according to Brooke, who probably knows all). Let me know when you're hooked--you WILL BE.

  2. I LOVE the second one (with the Zoya double stamped with OPI). That looks fantastic. CG Emerald Sparkle is such a beautiful color too!!

  3. wow... i cant choose which is much pretty..coz every one of them has a own beauty.. i heart them all... ohhh..when i saw ur paisley hits my mind to remind methat i should use this design to some of my KOTD...coz i havent try this design since i bought the plate..LOL


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