Good morning!
Just wanted to share some pics of what is to come...eventually. Things are crazy busy and I will endeavor to get these posted up for you!

Somebody used their 20% off coupon at Sally!
Somebody also hit up Dollar Tree for some new finds!

In other news, I also won Deb's giveaway and I will be receiving a set of Ulta OPI holiday minis! I'm ridiculously excited about this and I am grateful to Deb for her generosity. (I really hope any of you are following her because she is amazing.)

I have a special product review coming up with a super special guest model and I hope to post some really bad cell phone pics of the manicure I did for my mom to lift her spirits after her eye surgery. (Which was no fun at all!)
As ever, I am grateful for your comments and your company. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Lucky, Lucky you! Hope your mom is doing well!

  2. I can't wait, you've got some great colors there!

  3. That Sally Girl duochrome looks really cool. You're lucky. My local Dollar Tree never gets anything good. The colors they do get are always really boring.

  4. Love love love your haul! Oh my gosh, what is that polish in the second photo, second from the left?! GORGEOUS!!!

  5. WHAT IS THAT NINA POLISH?!!? I must go to Sallys..

  6. Oh, sweet goodies! I found a metric crapton of polish at my DT too. Has Sally's got the new Orly's, then? I'm stoked about them! WANT BAD. Haha! Will have to run over there sometime this week.
    Your poor mom, I bet that eye surgery was no fun at all. Blerch. I hope she feels lots better soon!

  7. Awesome colors - can't wait to see your swatches !

    And hope your mom is doing well :-)

  8. Nice polishes. Can't wait to see them swatched. How did your Mom's eye surgergy go?


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