Product Review: Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes

This post is spotlighting a product sent to me by Revlon. The opinions therein are my own and not paid for.

Recently, I was contacted to try out Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes and I jumped on it. I have never used false eyelashes before and I was intrigued. I've been stepping out of my beauty comfort zone lately and I thought this would be something fun to try.

I enlisted my sister to help me out with this and be a model. We played with the lashes during halftime of the Civil War game and had Matt photograph our results.

First up: Me wearing the Defining lashes.

The lashes were super easy to apply with the self adhesive strip. It is recommended to trim them to length but I didn't. They didn't look supremely fake as is but would've been best if I had trimmed them. My only issue was that the one on my left eye kept lifting in the corner. I blame myself because I was already wearing makeup, this probably would've set better if my eye were free of makeup.

Next: My sister wearing the lashes in Intensifying

Again, we did not trim the lashes and she was wearing eye makeup. When she first put them on, she realized she needed more makeup to make it look better. What better excuse to use my Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box, right? These lashes looked amazing on her and truly spotlights her gorgeous blue eyes. She had no issues with lifting, it was all about placement. The self adhesive strips are simple to use and make applying the lashes super easy.

Finally, me wearing the lashes in Flirty.

These lashes came with a tube of glue for application. They were much longer than the others and would have benefited greatly from trimming. I was apprehensive about these because of the glue. I enlisted my sister to help me apply them because I wasn't sure I could do this on my own. It felt strange applying it and I was a little worried that my eyelid was going to be glued together. Gratefully, it was not and all settled nicely.
Again, my left eye had lifting in the corner. Could be the makeup, could be from not having the right amount of glue on that part. Nonetheless, this was a great look. I would definitely wear these again but not without some help!

My summary:

We both agree that the lashes with adhesive strips were the easiest to use and remove. Placement was key and it would take practice. This is a great product for a novice like myself who wants to try something new. I would definitely use this again for a special event.
The lashes with the glue had the best look but the glue is a little scary. It's not hard but it intimidated me. The glue on lash stayed on the best and it is something I would use again once I feel more comfortable with the application.

Revlon Fantasy Lengths can be found at your local drugstore, Amazon and

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!


  1. I love the look of false lashes, but I find applying them to be a bit of a pain. If I apply them after doing my eye makeup, I worry I will screw up and ruin my eye makeup. If I apply them first, they get in my way and I get eye shadow fallout on them. I own one pair of MAC 7 Lashes and I have yet to wear them.

  2. Great review. I have these to, an have been putting off trying these because I have never tried fake lashes befor either. you have given me courage to try then lol! My review will be coming soon ha ha! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for this review ! Seems like you and your sister had fun :-)


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