Sympathy Polish

Good morning!

I went to the dentist yesterday and found that my wisdom teeth are causing all of my problems. So I will be having them removed right before New Year's Eve. Bleargh.
So while we were at Walgreens to get my prescription filled, Matt let me loose in the nail polish to cheer myself up. Thus, I bring you my latest Sinful, Serena and Chloe.
(What is up with some of Sinful's names? I found one called, "Daisy the Pig" once. I do not understand.)

Three coats over base coat with flash

This is an orange jelly with gold and orange glitter. The formula is very thin but spreads smooth and even. Three coats was necessary to even things out but is nowhere near opaque. There is still VNL. Dry time was reasonable and the shine without top coat was dazzling. It flashes and sparkles in all kinds of light.
What's funny is that in low light it looks like a burnt red rather than orange. So much in fact that, Matt would not believe that it was orange. Maybe these pics will convince him!
I needed a cheery color like this and I think it will look really cool layered.

Bottle color looks so much darker!

This was a nice color and I needed some more orange in my stash. I'm a tad disappointed that it doesn't quite match bottle color. But not too much! Sinful has made me happy yet again. 

Thank you for looking. I have so much to share with you in the next few weeks! I have some special goodies and yesterday I made a huge Cherry Culture order and finally made my Diamond Cosmetics order.
Good times, good times!

Until the next time, my friends!


  1. Poor thing!
    my sister is also getting hers out on the 29th!

    So at least you have company!!!

    I hope it goes as well for you as it did for me! I didn't need meds at all afterward! I actually took an impromptu road trip 2 days later!

  2. Thanks Christy! I'm not concerned, my dentist is awesome. I'm still planning on attending a party the day after and opening the store on New Year's day. I can always hide in the back if I don't feel up to talking to customers! ;)

  3. Yuck, hated getting my wisdom teeth out. Glad they're all gone!
    I'm working on another Diamond list, as I know I need more of their polishes, and I cringe for the day I finally place a Cherry Culture order, it's been more than a year and I'm sure it will be HUGE! Haha. But so much fun. I'm glad you're getting some goodies!

  4. I had mine out three days before New Years my Junior Year of high school. Definitely avoid straws!

  5. Oh no :( I've been putting off having my wisdom teeth removed for years (and they have been patiently growing in and causing me pain for years! lol). Keep up updated on the surgery - I'm sure it will be fine, and maybe it will give you a chance to rest a little (and hey, you deserve even more polishes when you have to have surgery!!).
    Too bad your new polish wasn't what you were hoping for. But it still looks really nice!!

  6. I hated getting my wisdom teeth out, hopefully it will go much smoother for you than it did for me!


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