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This post discusses products that were sent to me by Nailene.
The opinions therein are my own and not paid for.

Good morning!

So I got a whole bunch of goodies from Nailene to try out and review and I'm happy to bring you a brief look at what I've done so far.

I received a sweet French Manicure kit that came with tip guides, top coat and traditional French polish colors.
I also got a French Manicure pen in white that came with a mini top coat. I was so excited to try them out that I decided to attempt a french again.

I didn't go about this all the right way, I warn you now. I have learned that I really do need to use the tip guides because I'm not skilled enough to freehand. Plus I used the pen and then the sheer polish over. I was a tiny bit apprehensive to use the white tip color that came in the kit and since I was already comfortable with the pen, I felt that was best for this go round.
Let's go to the pics, shall we?

The sheer polish is a lovely nude and I actually want to use this by itself sometime. It applied like any sheer, which means you need to apply very carefully or it will be streaky. I used only one coat here and it did streak but what surprised me was what happened when it dried. It actually leveled itself out and the streaks were far less noticeable. The polish dried to a satiny, almost matte finish with a hint of shimmer. What is shown above is shortly after I applied the polish so it is not completely dry.

I have a French tip pen in Pearl White from Nailene and I love it. So I was no stranger to the one they sent, just excited to have a nice, crisp white. The pen is super easy to use. The only issue I had was getting the polish to flow for the first time. I had that tip depressed on cardboard for longer than 30 seconds. However, once it  flows, you are good to go. It is not gloppy or runny and applies smooth. The pen is easy to control and the tip angled nicely. The tip color dries matte and dries super quickly.
As I said, I needed to use the tip guides included because I would have had much better results. Considering I didn't use it, it came out pretty sweet and I owe that to the pen and its ease of use.

I used the top coat that came in my kit and I was very pleased with the application and dry time. It was quite similar to my beloved Out The Door in texture but it dries a snotch slower. (Like a few seconds, no biggie!)
As you know, I can't always comment on wear because my results are NEVER typical. Sadly, I was building Xmas trees that day so those fake branches scraped my mani right off! 

In Summation:

Nailene has put together really thoughtful French manicure kits. They are fantastic for those who love traditional manicures but good for those of us who will use each piece of the kit in different ways.
The pen is by far my favorite because it also makes for a great tool for nail art. It can be used as a dotting tool or a striper. Which I did with my take on confetti nails back in October.
I have to love any product that can be used in so many more ways than its original designation.

Next time, I will be showing you a French manicure using the entire kit Nailene sent. I have lots more Nailene products to show you in the next few days and I hope you'll enjoy them!

Nailene can be found at Walmart, Rite-Aid, Kmart and CVS stores. Yo can also see more of their products at their website, Don't forget that you can follow them on twitter too!

Thanks for looking! Hope the day finds you well and ready for good fun that is funny!


  1. Such pretty nails!
    I was tempted to buy one of these pens the other day but hesitated. I have one of the nic's sticks things from Nicole by OPI and i hated it. I might have to give these a shot tho...

    I really love the tip guides, i gotta use them or else its all crooked. Haha

  2. very cute french mani. I haven't worn my nails like this is so long. I may give a a go

  3. That is so pretty, you did a great job!


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