Another of the Dollar Tree goodies

Well, hello there!

Today I bring you the another installment of the good that can be had at Dollar Tree. This one is my absolute favorite and was a dream to use!

Sally Hansen Zippy Frost in two coats
Some sun, no base coat

This is a golden bronze that applied beautifully! It just flowed on the nail and stayed exactly where I put it.
It dried super quick and was okay with two coats but best results are achieved in three.
In my picture it appears really gold but it is definitely a bronze-y brown with lovely golden tones. It didn't make my hands look like death or just plain dirty. This is my favorite of the Sally Hansen polishes I picked up.
It's a nice "work appropriate" shade that still has interest. I really want to try one of my Nina duochromes over it and see what fun is to be had. I'm anticipating continued happiness!

That's it for now. My weekend has officially begun and I couldn't be happier. I only have a few chores around the house and then it's super fun times swatching all of my hauls! (Trust me, there is sooo much to come!)

Goodnight loves! Hope you all sleep beautifully!


  1. Very pretty. What exact SH shade is it?
    No brush strokes. Excellent. 2 coats. Also excellent.

    British female politicians btw get plenty of sniping about their appearance. The men are almost all ugly/fat/ill-kempt swindling b@stards but if one of the women has her hair done........!!!!!!!

  2. I am so envious of you DT hauls!
    My DT sucks hard and long...

  3. This is a pretty bronze. I never heard of this shade. I like the name.


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