Dollar Tree Finds

Good morning loves!

Today I'm bringing you more of my Dollar Tree finds. I found two Pro-10 polishes in all of the clutter of Sally Hansens and I had to have them. Both are duochrome in bottle but not so much on nail.

Three coats, weak sun, no top coat

I really like this one because it didn't make my hands look like the yellow death. I had issues with application. Thin coats were streaky and very sticky. It totally dragged on the nail. Thicker coats were very runny and hard to keep on the nail. I know there is a happy medium here, I just haven't found it yet.
This smells really funky and the dry time is pretty crappy. If I use this, I have to do it away from Matt because the smell makes his stomach turn. But for dry time issues, I'm sure there is a magic number but I have yet to stumble upon it.
I'll try working with this again because I don't want to give up on a light purple that doesn't clash with my skin tone. I am stubborn!

Three coats, weak sun, no base coat

This one made me laugh because when I brought it home, I swiped it across my nail real quick and was bummed. Thick or thin coats were streaky, sticky and left bald spots. This time around, it flowed nicely on the nail. Still streaky and sheer but smooth as silk. Originally, Violetta was like that when I first tried it. It's like they swapped qualities!
Stormy is a really pretty blue with a shimmery, foil-y appearance. I will try this out again but I will definitely be layering it over white.

Overall, I'm not disappointed by these but I am underwhelmed. I will need to play with them some more to find the right combination to work for me.

That's all I have for now! Thank you for looking and I hope the day finds you well!


  1. I am so jealous, my DT's never have squat! I love both colors!

  2. My Dollar Tree gets a lot of older Maybellines, L'Oreals, and Sally Hansens. However, they are all boring pinks, reds, and neutrals. There were three Pro 10s the last time I visited, but they were boring colors too. The only cool thing they had were those LA Colors Art Deco polishes with the skinny brushes. I don't really need them, because I have Stripe-Rite paints (though I don't have glitters).

  3. Those are so pretty; great picks!

  4. Think stormy could be a dupe of Hotski to tchotski(or hows it spelled) from CND

  5. These are two fantastic colors. I guess you can try them over white polish. Maybe even ridge filler. It might help with the sheerness


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