Happy, Happy!

Good morning loves! I was tagged by Cindy and Nicole for this tag. The idea is to list ten things that make you happy. I have a hard time narrowing down to ten but I will simply have to try!

1. My husband - Matt is an amazing man. Even when I am annoyed with him, I only want to be with him. He truly owns my heart.

2. My sister - She is so lovely. Warm, bubbly, sweet and the best sister one could hope for. She is also my only offline person who shares my passion for makeup and nail polish. (We can spend HOURS browsing makeup.) I admire her so much and I have walked away from people that didn't like her. (That's just crazy if you don't like her.) I will always be there for her and take care of her.

3. My besties - I have a great group of women that I spend most of my time with that have become family.
Pixie and Sugar Mama are my two closest that I talk to all the time and hang out with as much as possible. (Which is hard since Pixie lives in Seattle but I go there at least twice a year to be with her.) Kim is one of my  coffee date besties and she rocks my socks. She is so funny and so warm and loving. She just took to me since day one and I'm grateful to know her.
Finally, there's Chris. She's my bestie from high school that I reconnected with on Facebook and we've simply picked up where we left off. It is amazing and I am so grateful to have this opportunity.

4. My kitties and my dearly departed dogs - Trixie, Gus and Dita are the best cats EVER. Trixie healed my broken heart when she came to be with me and I treasure her. I still mourn the loss of my Copper and Daisy.
Matt had them when we met and they were our babies. Daisy was my buddy and Copper was Matt's. They were such wonderful dogs and I cherish that I was able to share a life with them.

5. Music - Metal truly speaks to me. Moonspell, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Death and Slayer are my absolute favorites. (I cheated here. Naming Deep Purple and Black Sabbath actually covers a lot of bands. Like, Dio. Check out their "family tree" sometime and you'll see what I mean.)
That said, my other favorites are :
Social Distortion  - Their music soothes my occasional homesickness for Orange County, CA. They are also the second most seen in concert act on my list.
Prince - Do I really need to explain?
Sam Cooke - He was amazing. He wasn't just a singer but a producer, songwriter and composer.
Depeche Mode - Of course I love them. And I would still like to make out with Dave Gahan.
Lady Gaga - She's brilliant. Simply brilliant.
I also have this thing for melodramatic ballads. So there is more Air Supply on my ipod than is allowed by law.  Finally, I adore Flamenco. That's good stuff for the sexy times right there.

6. Makeup and nail polish - Because I love color so much. I love how it can change your mood and I love customizing my look for special occasions.

7. The library - I love reading. I actually thought about becoming a librarian but I realized I'm much more business oriented. Nonetheless, I think librarians are rock stars. Research is the hotness.

8. Sports - You know how I love my Ducks! I love, love football, baseball and hockey. That's my big three.
My favorites?
NFL: San Francisco 49ers
MLB: Anaheim Angels
NHL: L.A. Kings
(I have no regional allegiances. Not at all.)
I also love my Nebraska Cornhuskers football. I don't know what I will do if the Ducks ever play them. My head may explode.

9. My job - No lie. I love the people I work with, I love what we accomplish and I love knowing that we are doing good things for our community. This job was the opportunity I was looking for to prove myself and use the skills I've acquired. I'm grateful to my boss for taking a chance on me and believing in me.

10. YOU - Yes, you my friends. You guys are amazing. How could I ever get through a day without you?

Thank you for stopping by. I am to tag ten more people but I just don't want anyone to be left out. So feel free to join in and don't hesitate to let people know that Mighty Lambchop said so!

Hope everyone has a good day filled with love.


  1. It was a good read. I really enjoyed it and your being seemingly a happy girl cheered me out.

    Anyway, you love Depeche Mode? Awesome! I LOVE them since... I can't tell, it's too old. I wonder how many girls would love to make out with Dave. (I wouldn't say no if you wonder, ah ah!). What's your favorite album of theirs? Can you believe Violator will be 20 years old next April?

    Beside, you live is a US state I love. I've visited Seattle and some places in Oregon 2 years ago, I truly adored. I even swore to myself I'd live to Portland someday! I've adored being in Portland. :)

  2. Just suck face with Dave? That's it?


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