The LAST of the Dollar Tree haul!

Good day, my loves!

I am bringing the last of my Dollar Tree goodness to you.

Sally Hansen Mosaic Creme in FOUR coats.
Weak sun, no base coat.

Once again, I have a four coat polish. Same complaints and same results as the last one. Which is a bit of a shame. This is such a great color. It looked more blue/purple in bottle but it's a lovely greyed out blue.
I would say again that I will definitely wear this as a full manicure if I have loads of time to build color and wait for it to dry.
This runs the same thick/thin/runny consistency as the last. It picks up any detritus that may be floating around like a frickin' magnet. That could be cat hair on my index finger in the picture. I'm not certain.
Point is that to to achieve the desired results I want, it will take a lot of work. I have yet to decide if it's worth it. I will just have to try again.

Thank you for looking! I hope each and everyone of you knows just how lovely you are!


  1. this is a really pretty one! too bad it took four coats though! I drove 45 mins to the nearest Dollar Tree and no polishes :(

  2. "That could be cat hair on my index finger in the picture. I'm not certain."
    Laughs hysterically!
    4 Cockatiels and 2 cats---me too!

    Too bad about the polish. It *is* a lovely color though!

  3. Lovely blue on you. I hate when polishes take that many layers . Good thing it was only a dollar!


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