Good day, loves!

Today I'm bringing you a polish from the Great Sally Haul of '09. (Thanks to those awesome gift cards!!)
Andrea showed this awhile ago as part of a cool konadicure she did and I had to have it! I had no idea how cool this would be! Of course, I am referring to Nina Ultra Pro Mermaid!

Two coats, no base or top, indoor light
You do not see the dings on my ring and pinkie.
*End Jedi Mind trick*

Mermaid is such a pretty, soft, slightly minty green. By itself the duochrome is subtle but it really pops when layered over black. Two coats left me with VNL but since it has a milky quality, it's not an issue. To do a full mani of this, I'd opt for four coats. Again, not an issue because this dries quite nicely.

This was such a great find that I knew nothing about. I'm grateful to Andrea for giving me the tip!
What colors have you seen on other blogs, you just had to have? Do any bloggers influence your buying decisions?

That's it for now, loves. I have to finish tackling the pile of laundry known as Mount Lambchop.


  1. Andrea twisted my arm and made me buy Rimmel Pulsating. Unfortunately, I'm wayyyyyyy to influenced by other bloggers pictures. It is feeding my insanity more and more... Currently, bc of Andrea and Sasha, I'm gonna spend a fortune on BPAL and Manglaze...

  2. That polish looks awesome, almost etheral!

  3. Sweet name, sweet color!

    All good! =)

  4. I'm with Ange-Marie on being highly influenced by other bloggers, INCLUDING yourself. I have been dying to get China Glaze Awakening because of you! I didn't see this done by Andrea, but now that I've seen it here, I know I need it. CUTE. I saw it at Sally's luckily, so I know I can get it!

  5. Lovely glowy colour, looks amazing. :-)

  6. Ashamed to admit that i will not buy a nail polish until I can see a swatch on someone's blog... I just don't trust the bottle color or the online "swatch" on the manufacturer's web site....

  7. It looks beautiful on you! I tend to be lazy and layer it over white if I want to keep the green color. lol I'm so lazy.

  8. Such a pretty color on you!
    I've had this polish for months, just sitting there looking a bit too sheer for my acrylics. Now that I'm here, in your blog, I'm inspired by you- queen of layering- to give this sheer polish some love...perhaps layer it over green?

  9. wow, this is really pretty. I'd love to see it layered over some colors, black like you said, or maybe green, blue, or purple? it's beautiful!

    I'm REALLY influenced by polishes other bloggers post. Swatch pictures help me with every single purchase :) I love how helpful the polish pictures on other blogs can be for my polish shopping needs :) lol

  10. Pretty color but I would layer it over green I guess.

  11. I love it! I have this one and layered it over a mint green it was awesome!

  12. I am very influenced by other blogs in choosing my nail polishes. This green polish must be divine over a black or a white polish.

  13. Thank you to everyone! I did a brief layering experiment over black with Mermaid and it was sweet!

    Guess I need to do a full look!


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