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Hello, loves!

I'm bringing a new favorite to you. I love me some vampys though I am very picky about them. (Hmm...a constant refrain around here.) But what I will be showing you has captured my heart so much that I had to buy one for Nicole! It truly is that lovely.

L.A. Girls Rock star Addict
Two coats, no base or top, indoor light

Oh man, this is gorgeous! A beautiful deep red jelly with gold glitter! I get my best results with three coats because it darkens with each coat and looks stunning.
The formula is great. No streaks, no drag and dries very nicely. And it has such a lovely shine even before adding top coat. *swoon*

Of course I cannot leave well enough alone. So I used matte top coat over it just to see what it might look like.

Same as before with one coat of Matte Magic!

This picture really needs to be clicked on to enlarge to see the glitter. I love textures that you see when you matte glitters but I was really impressed by how the color itself looked with the matte coat. Pretty...

 Have you tried this brand and/or this particular collection? What's your favorite of them? 
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. That is so pretty! I need to try this line of polish!

  2. I love these polishes! I recommend Live on Stage, it's a gorgeous gold with holo glitter!!

    Nice look with the matte magic!

  3. It is the hotness! I love it. You have good taste but we know that, huh? I need some more of these for sure! ♥

  4. I like this one alot! I only have one from this collection. but I hope to find more.

  5. That's a pretty vampy red dear!!! I like it matte, too!!!

  6. Thank you for the comments!

    Gina - I actually have Live on Stage but I haven't swatched it yet! Good to know we both have good taste! ;)

    Niki - I think you're due for another care package...

    Kitty - Where have you been? I missed you! I think maybe you need a care package too!


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