My Storage, let me show you them again.

Today's meme seems to be about nail polish storage. Thanks to China Glaze asking to see pics on Twitter and Facebook! I showed you all what I had going on way back in September. This is what I have going on now.

Extra large Caboodles train case that cannot fit all of my polishes.
Pretty much since the day I bought it.
This is every polish I own.

My sister gave me this case. It holds treatments, tools, lotions, etc.

The other side is housing nail tips and two acrylic kits.
I haven't decided what to do with the acrylics yet.

This is a cabinet on my buffet. We got polish remover, pads and foil.

Quite the transition in such a short time, no? Eventually, I 'll be needing more! I'm thinking I will end up taking over the entire buffet. We use it more as a decorative piece and some storage but since the office is all cleaned out now, I can move the extra A/V stuffs in there. ;) I certainly am evil!

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  1. Wow! I love the redesign! It's really spiffy. I've been looking myself for a simple design, so I don't need to change with every season. Phew. It gets exhausting after a while!
    I LOVE looking at everyone's storage, because mine is such a mess. LOL! Yours is really awesome! Isn't it amazing how fast your collection grows? It shocks me.
    By the way - Haha! The word verification was a bit dirty this time! :P

  2. I am running out of storage space as well. I need one of those Ikea Helmers that I've seen on the MakeupAlley nail board, but I don't even have room for that.

  3. Looks like a big box full of happiness! =D

  4. Nice start of a collection. Small for a blogger, haha! I've seen other collections and they are super big. Mine is up there also and I'm not a blogger. I'm just a very suggestive reader of nail blogs!


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