Nailene French Manicure Kit

This post highlights a product that was sent to me by Nailene for review.
The opinions therein are my own and not paid for.

The kit with traditional French polish colors and top coat.

Shown with white tips and one coat polish.

White tips with two coats polish.

The finished result with top coat!

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Good day loves!  Today I'm showing the French manicure kit Nailene sent me to review.
This kit is thoughtfully put together with two traditional French mani colors, top coat and tip guides.

Now on to the real deal:

The tip guides require a little practice for placement and alignment. Your nails MUST be prepped and clean before placing the guides or they will not stick well. The overlap of smile line on my nails is because the guides lifted while I was waiting for the white polish to try. I thought I had my nails fully prepped but not so much. Bad Lamb!

The white polish dries very quickly and with a satiny finish. Application was quick and easy but brush control is key or the tips will look much too thick. The peachy polish has a thin and watery consistency but does not pool or drag. Like any sheer, it does streak but it seems to level itself . That was a nice surprise!
This too dries with a satiny finish and very quickly.

The box recommends applying two coats of the peach and I did that. However, I didn't care for the results. It made the already thick smile lines look even thicker. The streakiness was even worse with a second coat but that was more operator error than anything. I did like that it made the smile line less vibrant and more creamy.

The top coat provided has a consistency similar to beloved Out The Door. Not too thick or too thin. It leveled out a small ding on my index and dried within a minute. It offers a nice shine but it's not a high gloss at all. Which may be a good thing if one is going for a nice, traditional French.

Final thoughts:

I really like this kit. It's great for the novice since it includes tip guides. My personal application of the sheer polish needs some work but I don't think that should dissuade a newbie for trying it out. Personally, I would use all of the elements in different ways rather than together. That said, it is nice to have all elements in one kit for ease of use and access.

The French Manicure kit can be purchased at Walmart, Kmart, and CVS.

Thank you for looking! Hoping the day finds you warm and loved!


  1. It looks like a very nice kit ! It reminds me I haven't done french manicure for a long time and now you made me want to do one :-)))

  2. Looks nice! I've never done this type of Frenchie. I've done the Funky Frenchies. Alas, I don't have the tips to do it anymore. I chopped all my nails off because I broke one. I won't do that again.

  3. Omg I love the nail job! It's beautiful! I'm gonna be a manicurist just as soon as I finish my training so I might just have to try this one out myself! I'm going to school for it at Empire Beauty School, it's so much fun and so interesting! For all you gals out there who don't believe in your ability to make it big, I'm telling ya GO DO IT! I can't wait, I'm gonna be making so much money! At least according to this site: Does anyone know if this is really how much they make? I really hope it is!!


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