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Good day loves!

Today I'm bringing you the only polish I picked up from Old Navy. This is Tip Toe polish in Gold Rush. It is a stunner!

Two coats, no base or top, indoor light.

Gold Rush is such a cool color. first coat shows a pretty blue toned purple loaded with gold shimmer. It is rather sheer but it builds up quickly and very nicely. Three coats is best. As you build, the color takes on a browned out gold. Quite the color!
No problems with the brush and this flowed on the nail like butter.
I picked this up for $3.50. Me like the price. There were lots of colors but this was the only one that appealed to me. Not sure how long they will be offering polish, could have been a holiday gift item.

Now, this is where I get more into my personal history. I mentioned that I worked there for five years. When I first started, they offered polish but it was horrible! It smelled REALLY bad, applied like crap and chipped like mad. The only plus about them was the bottle shape. Kinda reminiscent of the old Urban Decay bottles and somewhat like the no name polishes at Hot Topic.
They were awful and they never brought them back.

The Nave has always tried to offer some kind of bodycare, cosmetics, whatnot with mixed results. They had teamed up with Kiss My Face one year at holiday and launched a bodycare line. (That was really lovely and smelled pretty dang good.) However, they got into some legal trouble over it and next thing I know, I'm tearing down the display and having to drastically mark down the product. Like for a quarter. Yeah.
Since I've left, they've had some holiday gift cosmetics and fragrances but my homies that are still there reported to me that they were no bueno. Eventually they mark it all down ridiculously cheap and hope it just gets stolen by teenage girls.

So, the Tip Toe polish is a really nice departure and I hope they make it a core part of the line. I would happily go to my old store again to buy more. (And I only shop the Nave online because I can't handle being in that store now. I spent WAAAY too much time there as is!)

Thanks so much for looking. Hope you are having a tranquil day!
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  1. That is a cool color! How are you feeling from your wisdom teeth surgery?

  2. This looks *wonderful* on you Heather! I picked up a couple of these shortly after Mary reviewed them. I passed on this color, and now I'm kicking myself!

  3. Cool color. I didn't even know Old Navy sold nail polish. I've never seen any at the local store.

  4. This colour looks gorgeous on you lady :) I have to avoid Old Navy too, despite my hatred for clothes shopping I can't resist a good deal.

  5. Oh! This is GORGEOUS!! I love it, your swatches are perfect. I'm with gildedangel, how are you feeling? That's such a tough surgery.

  6. Thank you for your comments!

    About my teeth:
    I'm doing really well. I'm eating solid food again and not feeling pain. I just have to wait longer to brush my teeth and that is hard. Rinsing with salt water blows.

  7. aah such a pretty colour!! makes me happy because it reminds me of Lake Superior on a warm sunny day :) ... then i remember its -40 out there.. lol !!

    beautiful colour :)

  8. Pretty shade on you. Looks green in the bottle. How are yu doing since the surgery? You should update us please~


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