Orly Week - An extravaganza

Good morning, loves!

Today is the end of Orly week and I've much to show you.

I have the last of the Metal Chic matte collection for you starting with Solid Gold.

Two coats, no base or top, indoor light

Formula on all of the Orly mattes are brilliant. The metallics are especially nice because they look really thick but flow so smoothly.  Solid Gold has great shimmer that keeps it from being a boring flat gold. What makes it so interesting is the textured, stone-like appearance it has on the nail. That alone makes this collection a knockout!

 Next up is Fifty-four.  And my terribly stained nails. It's pretty rare I wear something so sheer that I need to worry about trying to whiten my nails. So, yeah.

Two coats, no base or top, indoor light

It was hard to photograph but this actually shows up quite well on the nail. The pink microglitter has a duochrome quality that flashes red and bronze. It's an amazing layering item and I was surprised how well it layered over cool colors and warm. Love each Other, the companion to this, really looks its best over darker, cool colors. Fifty-four worked so well on lighter colors and that was a pleasant surprise.

Finally, we have two favorites appearing together. (Because I realized that their solo pics were some of the ones eaten by Google. Bah!) Orly Glam Rock and Enchanted Forest are two I love and I plan on doing a sweet konadicure because these really need to be rocked together!

Two coats over Nailtek Foundation II, indoor light.

Oh, Glam Rock...I love you. You are so pretty! I love the speckled, stone texture. Good for Orly for choosing a copper rather than a silver or a bronze for this collection. This was the one I had to have immediately upon seeing it for the first time. It is the hotness! Maybe I'm the only one here but the name alone makes me think of David Bowie and I have to start listening to Ziggy Stardust.

Enchanted Forest was one of the must haves of the Once Upon A Time collection and I'm so glad I got it. (On another note, how awesome was Orly's marketing for that collection? Loved the fairy tale theme and just what they did with it.) Of the dark greens that were released at that time, Enchanted Forest is by far the best I purchased. I have Zoya Envy and I love its blackened green but this is exactly what I wanted in a dark green.
Enchanted Forest is a wonderful creme that applies like a dream and has so much shine without top coat.
This has been great option for my Duck Day manis and looks suer awesome with Konad.

There it is my loves! I have a Sally coupon to use which I'm certain will mean I'll be bringing more Orly home with me.  Who will be picking up the Bloom collection and the Sweet collection? Do you prefer one over the other?
Hope you enjoyed this and it reminded you what a great brand Orly is.
Thank you for looking and hope the day goes well for you!


  1. I loved solid gold! Gold is my favorite color! In my opinion the fifty four only to get well over another glaze.

  2. Beautiful colors! I need to try out Orly!

  3. Gold looks amazing, fifty four would probably be great for layering.

  4. I think Orly Metal Chic was the best collection of 2009! Easily wearable by just about anyone- 3 MCs are really 6 when you consider the option of making them glossy w/top coat.
    I <3 Orly!
    Solid Gold looks fantastic on ya!!!

  5. The gold one is gorgeous on you Lady! I'd only wear the sheer one as a layering polish though because,like you, my nails are horribly stained. I love Enchanted Forest-it's one of my favourite greens ever and Glam Rock is a beautiful matte. I really need to get their metallic matte collection. Oh crap, I forgot I was on a no-buy *sadface*

  6. I bet the sheer looks amazing layered, the color in the bottle is gorgeous! Although Iron Butterfly was my favorite, I loved both of the other two Metals in the collection, as you know! I think the whole collection completely rocked. And I'd have to agree that I think they look great on everyone! How are you? ♥


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