Orly Week - Fantasea

Good day all! I'm slowly climbing out of my box of sadness and getting back into the game.
Today I'm continuing my showcase of the hotness of Orly.

Two coats, base or top, indoor light

This is a gorgeous color. I love the purple and that it flashes pink but it's much more than that. It has a golden bronze tone that flashes and makes it so much more interesting.
You definitely want to apply three coats for best color result. The good thing is that the formula is superb and it dries so quickly. There is not a lot of wait time between coats to build color. There will still be VNL with three coats but even I can live with that!

Angled to show golden flash

Fantasea is amazing for layering too. I loved it over Purple Velvet that I showed in my last Orly post. I tried it over another color that I can't tell you about yet but it looked super hot! It also showcased its golden bronze tones. I can't wait to try this over both black and white polish!

So, if you have no Orly in your stash, perhaps you'll rethink. I cannot rave about this brand enough!

That's what I have now. Thank you for looking and being the lovely, generous people you are! Love to each and every one of you.


  1. That's a lovely colour, definitely wishlist-worthy. I'm a sucker for interesting purples and a recent Orly devotee.

  2. I bet it would look really great layered over a hot pink or berry color. Reminds me of a tropical berry cocktail! What time is it anyway? lol

  3. Another of my favorite Orlys, it looks awesome layer over most anything too!

  4. I just got this one!! Gorgeous!!!

  5. That's such a pretty shade of purple. I'm shocked that it's so sheer. Darn, why is it like that. I don't know if I have this one. Good idea to layer it.

  6. I remember seeing this one but I guess I forgot to comment - and it is too gorgeous to pass up commenting on. I really like this one. I am becoming more and more interested in Orly. For some reason I had this thing against Orly polish and I don't even know what it was - perhaps I didn't like the formula at one point? I don't even remember, but this color (and a pale yellow I've been seeing ) make me really, really want to give Orly another shot. Plus you seem to really like it, and I trust your polishing judgement... I'll give Orly a shot and let you know what I think :)


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